PXBMouse_PXBcells_EuroToxPhoenixBio Group would be pleased to welcome you at the Booth #20 at 54th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology 2018. The Meeting is hosting plenary sessions, features three-day exhibition from Sunday to Tuesday, September 2 to 4, 2018For more details visit congress website

The theme for 2018 – “Toxicology Out of the Box” – reflects the willingness and enthusiasm to offer a really innovative, forward-looking and imaginative scientific program. Both PXB-Mouse®  and PXB-cells® provide innovative solutions to study toxicity and the results more relevant to human hepatic response.

To learn more about PXB-Mouse®  and PXB-cells® – visit Poster Session on September 4:

Poster Presentation

Date: September 4th, Tuesday 9:00 AM~
Poster number:P19-20 (#533)
Title: DNA microarray analysis on characteristics of hepatocyte-like cells derived from human iPS cells for the application to the cell based drug safety tests
Presenter: Dr. Seiichi Ishida
Organization: National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan

If you are not planning to attend, but still interested in how we can help in better understanding human hepatic response to chemicals and drug candidates – please, contact us