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Chimeric Mouse Model with
Highly Humanized Liver
KMT Hepatech Phoenix Bio Logo

KMT Hepatech, Inc. is a part of PhoenixBio group since December 1, 2017

KMT Hepatech is a production facility of PhoenixBio Group products (PXB-mouse® and PXB-cells®) in North America.
PhoenixBio Group is utilizing its proprietary platform technology of small animal model of chimeric mouse with highly humanized liver, the PXB-mouse®.

The PXB-mouse® and PXB-cells® are your essential tools for therapeutics and vaccine development.

PXB mouse

Mouse bulletCommercial scale production of high quality chimeric mice

Mouse bulletAlways available for shipment

Mouse bulletStable engraftment for entire lifespan

Mouse bulletLong-term  applications – over 30 days in study

Mouse bulletOn-demand supply with consistent donor for in vitro reproducibility

Mouse bulletCompatible with your preferred format including 3D

News and Events

We are moving!

We are relocating our main office and a lab at the end of January 2019. Please, note the change in our address and phone numbers (see Contact Us page). We…

PXB-cells Production Technologist opening

As our facility expansion is progressing, KMT Hepatech is currently seeking additional staff member for the PXB-Cells® Production and Transplantation Unit. The PXB-Cells® Production and Transplantation Unit produces cultured PXB-Cells®…