KMT Hepatech


KMT Hepatech announces changes in executive management  

Edmonton, December 01, 2020 – KMT Hepatech, Inc. (“KMT”) announced executive management changes. Dr. Norman Kneteman is retired from his position as the President on November 30, 2020. Dr. Kneteman’s great efforts in helping to transition KMT to the PXB-cells® and PXB-mouse® production facility are strongly respected and appreciated. Dr. Masakazu Kakuni is appointed as the President of KMT effective December 1st, 2020. Under his leadership KMT will move to the next level of planned growth and increased production capacity for both PXB-mouse® and PXB-cells®.

Dr. M. Kakuni has an extensive experience working with PhoenixBio technology of PXB-mouse® (cDNA-uPA/SCID chimeric mouse model with humanized liver). He was leading the study service team at PhoenixBio Co., Ltd. in Japan for over 15 years. In addition to strong planning and communication skills, he has long-term experience and deep knowledge in animal care as a veterinarian.

“I expect that this restructuring will make PhoenixBio Group grow much bigger and more profitable corporate complex which enable to provide people in the world with healthy and happy lives through the edge-cutting life science technologies.” – says Takashi Shimada, President and CEO of PhoenixBio.

About KMT Hepatech, Inc.: Located in Alberta (Canada) and incorporated in 2001, KMT Hepatech became a fully owned subsidiary of PhoenixBio Co., Ltd. on November 30, 2017. With restructured and expanded production capacity, KMT is the only North America based production facility of PhoenixBio group of companies. KMT Hepatech is producing PXB-cells® and PXB-mice, making shipment of these research tools to North American clients in drug and chemicals development more efficient.

About PhoenixBio Co, Ltd.: A public company based in Japan produces the PXB-mouse®, the world’s most widely used humanized liver chimeric mouse model, for drug discovery and development. With stable and high replacement of human hepatocytes in the liver, the PXB-mouse® provides clinically relevant data in the fields of HBV/HCV, DMPK/Safety, NASH/NAFLD, oligonucleotide therapeutics and non-viral liver diseases. The translatability of the PXB-mouse® model enables accelerated pre-clinical drug development and reduces the risk of failure at the clinical development stage. The PXB-mouse® is the reliable, cost-effective, next step for pre-clinical drug development.