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KMT Hepatech, Inc. (“KMT”), a part of PhoenixBio group, announced plans to expand staff and operations by providing services with PXB-Mouse® and starting the production of the PXB-Cells® – hepatocytes isolated from cDNA-uPA/SCID mice with highly humanized liver. The isolated fresh hepatocytes (PXB-Cells®) will be supplied to the clients to support researchers across a wide range of drug development fields, including hepatitis B (HBV) in vitro studies and DMPK research.

PXB-Mouse® is a chimeric mouse with more than 70% of the liver replaced with normal human hepatocytes. The uPA/SCID mouse model with a highly humanized liver was first on the market and has been the most utilized mouse model since 2001. The model made an important contribution to the development of curative therapies for hepatitis C (HCV) and is currently the gold standard for hepatitis B (HBV) efficacy testing prior to clinical development of anti-HBV drugs. With expanding interest in humanized liver models across a range of applications, the model is also used in safety, toxicity and human-type drug metabolism studies.

 PXB-cells® are “fresh” hepatocytes isolated from a PXB-Mouse® liver, consisting of over 90% pure human hepatocytes. PXB-cells® can be supplied worldwide from the large stock of PXB-mice and can be prepared fast upon the customer request. PXB-Cells® hepatocytes originate from the same donor cells (hepatocytes), thus strengthening reproducibility of the in vitro work performed with these cells.

 About KMT Hepatech, Inc.: A part of PhoenixBio group of companies, providing in vivo research services utilizing chimeric mouse model with a highly humanized liver (up to 95% of stable human hepatocyte engraftment). Due to the expanding interest in the humanized liver mouse model across a wide range of drug development fields, the company now offers services in infectious diseases, early assessment of human hepatotoxicity and characterization of human-type drug metabolism.

 About PhoenixBio Co, Ltd.: A public company produces the PXB-Mouse®, the world’s most widely used humanized liver chimeric mouse model, for drug discovery and development. With very high replacement of human hepatocytes in the liver, the PXB-Mouse provides clinically relevant data in the fields of HBV/HCV, DMPKS/Safety, oligonucleotide therapeutics and non-viral liver diseases. The translatability of the PXB-Mouse model enables accelerated pre-clinical drug development and reduces the risk of failure at the clinical development stage. The PXB-Mouse is the reliable, cost-effective, next step for your pre-clinical drug development.

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