We are moving!

We are relocating our main office and a lab at the end of January 2019. Please, note the change in our address and phone numbers (see Contact Us page).…


PXB-cells Production Technologist opening

As our facility expansion is progressing, KMT Hepatech is currently seeking additional staff member for the PXB-Cells® Production and Transplantation Unit. The PXB-Cells® Production and Transplantation Unit produces cultured PXB-Cells® (freshly isolated human hepatocytes) for distribution upon clients’ request. In addition, this unit performs and oversees the transplantations of human hepatocytes to generate PXB mice – cDNA-uPA/scid chimeric mice with highly humanized liver.

PXB-cells technologist
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Full job posting is provided below: (more…)


1st International NASH Day – June 12

The International NASH Day is the 1st edition of a worldwide movement initiated by the endowment fund The NASH Education ProgramTM aimed at raising awareness about NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (better…

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